6ix9ine's Family Fearful Of Their Lives

6ix9ine is heading to trial next week in his federal racketeering case, but his family won’t be in attendance. According to TMZ, the rapper’s immediate family has decided to not be present in court because 6ix9ine will be testifying against the Nine Trey Gangsters Bloods as part of his plea deal and they are fearful of the repercussions. 

TMZ reports that 6ix9ine’s family fears that they will be harassed and followed back to their homes, or even attacked by Tekashi’s former crew members. 

The rapper has already heightened security to protect his family. However, the consequences for him testifying could be serious. Sources told the outlet that TMZ is “crapping his pants over testifying” and fears for his own life, as well as the safety of his mother and brother. 

According to court documents, 6ix9ine will reportedly name drop when he takes the stand, which will connect people to certain incriminating messages and implicating himself and other Nine Trey Bloods in a plot to take down rapper Casanova. 6ix9ine will also supposedly reveal how he was bankrolling his fellow gang members.