Anthrax Has Been Writing New Music Via Zoom, FaceTime


The pandemic has given Anthrax plenty of time to write for their next studio album. Band member Scott Ian told Syfy Wire's "Metal Crush," "We had already started working on stuff with the intent of finishing it up in the springtime of this year, of '20, and then maybe getting in the studio and either having a record out later this year or early '21. But obviously all those plans have now changed. We have still been working on stuff through the magic of the Internet. We can do a lot over Zoom and FaceTime, sending music back and forth through e-mail and all that. But we need to really get in the room and work on the arrangements . . . But that's kind of the holdup at this point. But we certainly have a lot of material, which makes me very excited about when we can actually get in a room together and (work on stuff)."

Last year, Charlie Benante told Australia's Everblack podcast that Anthrax's new music is shaping up to be "a little more in the aggressive style."

This new album will be the follow-up to Anthrax's 2016 project For All Kings.