Ari Lennox Says The Best Sex She's Ever Had Was With A Celebrity


Ari Lennox went on Instagram Live and discussed one of her best sexual encounters. She revealed that it was with a celebrity that she chose not to name but said that she was willing to risk it all for him. 

She said, [“…I was d*mn near willing to just let him talk to me crazy, ’cause that sh*t was out of this world. Like, ‘Yes, daddy. Yes. Okay.’ Like, I was, literally, willing to ruin my career. If this ever came out- who it was- you would be like, ‘B*tch, do you know what Google says?’ Yes, I do. Yes, I do- but I also know what that d*ck said. That d*ck spoke life into me, [and] invigoration, blessings, soul. Turmoil, but heaven. Jesus, sorry. Please, God, just understand- this is my truth. This is just my truth. You blessed him with it. He blessed me with it.”] SOUNDCUE (:53 OC . . . me with it)