Axl Rose Calls On Surgeon General To Resign


Axl Rose had harsh words for US Surgeon General Jerome Adams after his Today Show appearance on Friday (July 3rd).

The Guns N' Roses frontman called on the Surgeon General to resign after he failed to take a strong stance against large Fourth of July gatherings. Adams told Today, "Every single person has to make up their own mind. There are going to be people going to beaches, going to barbecues, going to different environments and they have to look at their individual risk."

In response, Rose tweeted, "Jerome Adams is a: A coward b: A POS c: Both Resign. U don't deserve the job or title. America deserves better."

The Surgeon General replied to Rose's tweet, asking him to share a video about how to stop the spread of Covid-19, but it didn't end there.

On Saturday (July 4th) the singer posted a lengthy defense of his views via TwitLonger where he called the current administration a "threat to r democracy."

He wrote, "When I feel someone in this administration for example or perhaps media, in entertainment or the public says or does something that in my view supports or caters to the irresponsibility of this administration or various issues w/government or law enforcement I may voice an opinion. Perhaps a strong or perhaps considered by some a lewd or immature response or opinion. It happens."