Black News & Lifestlye: Tiara Arata & More!

L.A. COUNTY SHERIFFS POINTS GUNS AT THREE BLACK TEENS WHO WERE VICTIMS OF AN ATTACK: In a viral video, L.A. County sheriffs are seen pointing guns at the three black teenagers that they were called to help. According to TMZ, the mom of one of the teenagers said that her son and a coup;le of friends were sitting at a bus stop when a homeless man asked if they had any crack. He then proceeded to steal their stuff. He then became aggressive, ripped off his shirt and pulled a knife on them and attempted to stab the teens. The kids were able to fight the man off with their skateboards. The mom, whose name is Tammi, says that several calls were placed to 911 but one caller told the dispatcher that "two black guys were attacking a homeless man." The deputies arrived to the scene and pointed their weapons at the kids. Bystanders explained to the cops that the kids were the victims, but they kept their guns drawned. The kids were detained and after deputies spoke with them and witnesses, they were released and no arrests were made. (TMZ)

BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTESTOR TIANNA ARATA FACING 15 YEARS IN PRISON FOR ORGANIZING PEACEFUL PROTEST: 20-year-old Black Lives Matter protester Tianna Arata is currently facing legal troubles after attempting to organize a peaceful protest. Arata was arrested on July 21st by the San Luis Obispo Police Department following a protest. Reports say that Arata spoke to Police Chief Denna Cantrell ahead of time and assured her that the protest would be peaceful. During the protest, things went left when protesters went on the highway and assaulted a passenger vehicle with a 4-year-old inside the car. As a result of the incident, Arata was arrested. News broke that Arata is facing 15 years in prison after being charged with four felony counts of false imprisoment and one count of felony conspiracy, plus three misdemeanors. As a result, #FreeTiannaNow started trending and a petition on with more than 100,000 signatures was created in support of freeing Arata. (The Jasmine Brand)