Brett Young And Wife Almost Ready For Baby


Brett Young and his wife, Taylor, will welcome their first child later this month. The couple are more than read to meet their new daughter, but are they really ready in every other sense? Kind of. Brett tells us: [“It feels like we’re at a place where we have enough things in the house and in the car that we could keep her alive, which is actually a good feeling, cause that was the goal, to get to the ‘keep her alive place,’  And now we’re in the like, day-to-day, like she should probably have art on the wall in the nursery, and then it’s like, well, she probably won’t be in the nursery for a couple of months still.  So, we’re now kind of trying to style her out, but yeah, the cars and the nursery are ready, so that’s a good feeling.  Now meanwhile, we bought a house this year.  The house took a backseat because the nursery became the important thing, so the house is empty but the nursery’s full.  So, we’re gettin’ there."] SOUNDCUE (:31 OC: . . . we're gettin' there.)

Brett continues climbing the charts with his latest single, "Catch."

He performs on Thursday (October 3rd) in Indianapolis, IN and on Saturday (October 5th) in Alpharetta, GA.