Chevelle Earns Retroactive Gold And Platinum Awards


Rock radio favorites Chevelle have earned multiple retroactive gold and platinum awards for sales of several of the band's older albums and singles.

The group's 2002 sophomore album, Wonder What's Next, was certified double platinum after being certified platinum back in June of 2003. Likewise, that record's two lead singles, "The Red" and "Send The Pain Below," were both certified gold and platinum, while "The Red" also hit the double platinum mark.

Chevelle‘s 2004 follow-up album, This Type Of Thinking (Could Do Us In), was also newly certified platinum, while its 2007 LP Vena Sera was awarded gold status.

Drummer Sam Loeffler has told us before that the support of their fans keeps Chevelle going: "I think the passion and excitement is still there, without a doubt, and music's one of those things that -- only poets read poetry, but everyone listens to music, you don't have to be a musician. And that excitement, it will always be there, I think."

A platinum album in the U.S. represents one million units, while gold signifies 500,000 units. Outside of traditional physical/digital sales, 10 permanent track downloads count as one unit and 1500 on-demand audio/video streams from a particular album also equal one unit.