Chicago Co-Founders Shed Light On New Chirstmas Album


Out now is Chicago's fourth holiday collection, titled, Chicago Christmas. The set features eight original songs, two yuletide favorites, and "one timeless classic that embraces the spirit of hope." Recorded on the road and produced by founding member Lee Loughnane, Chicago Christmas is the 37th album of the band's career and features such highlights as "What The World Needs Now Is Love" and "Sleigh Ride," among others.

Loughnane told us that the new album was born out a record company request for a single new Christmas-themed bonus track: "Our manager called me and said Rhino, they're going to re-release our Christmas stuff, and they were wondering if we might be able to do a couple of bonus tracks to help spur it along. Something new. . . everything needs to be new and improved, right? (Laughs) So, I asked the guys if they would come up with Christmas songs. And instead of just one or two coming -- eleven came. We recorded the whole thing on the road with new and improved recording gear -- the road gear that we recorded the last album with."

Co-founding keyboardist Robert Lamm explained to us that with Chicago's classic hits solidly filling their role on classic rock radio -- dipping into the Holiday market is a way to keep the band current and recording: "So much of our repertoire is played on classic radio, so that really negated our efforts to try to record new material, like we did for so long. We thought, 'Well, why don't we give them some original Christmas songs for the holidays?'"

Chicago will next perform on February 28th & 29th at Las Vegas' Venetian Theater.

The tracklisting to Chicago Christmas is:

"(Because) It's Christmastime"
"All Over The World"
"Bring My Baby Back"
"Merry Christmas, I Love You" - R & B Version
"What The World Needs Now Is Love"
"All Is Right"
"Sleigh Ride 2019"
"I'd Do It All Again (Christmas Moon)"
"I'm Your Santa Claus"
"Here We Come A Caroling"