Ellen DeGeneres Sweetens Deals for Employees


Ellen DeGeneres seems to be trying to make things right with her team on her eponymous show. On Monday, staffers learned that three senior producers—Ed Glavin, Jonathan Norman and Kevin Leman—were fired after an internal investigation into the "toxic workplace environment" described in multiple viral articles published in BuzzFeed and Variety.

DeGeneres apologized, corrected what she said were bizarre and erroneous rumors that she didn't want staffers to make eye contact with her, and now, reports are emerging that she's making many of their packages better too.

The new benefits package includes paid time for medical appointments and family members and birthdays off. Morale has improved after DeGeneres reached out to staffers in a virtual call this week, and staffers are excited about the new perks, Variety reports.

The call also implored staffers to not be "afraid," and to feel like they could speak their minds without reprisal.

The investigation is reportedly ongoing. Ellen returns to the air September 14th.