Evanescence Releasing One New Song Next Month


Evanescence will release one new song before embarking on a month-long European tour in April. Singer and sole original member Amy Lee explained to Loudwire, "It's gonna be a song at a time . . . it's not like we're gonna drop a 12-song record all of a sudden at any point. I do wanna have our first new song out by the time we go on our April tour, because I wanna be playing it then."

Lee added, "I wanna do one at a time for a couple of reasons. One, it's just fun for us to do it that way. But I kind of wanna give each one its own moment . . . We'll probably do that for, like, five or six songs and then drop the rest of it together in the end."

Lee revealed that Evanescence has been working on four new songs in the studio, creating the band's first all-new music since its self-titled 2011 album. Speaking about the musical direction, she said, "It's a combination of a lot of things. It's definitely 100 percent us, but it's also taking risks. And I think it's meaningful -- it's deeply meaningful."

Last month, Evanescence returned with its first new rock recording in eight years, a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain." The band recorded the track for the Gears 5 video game, the latest entry in the massively popular Gears Of War series.

Lee told us a while back that she's never been worried about taking a long time to make new music: ["The ongoing idea is that if you don't hurry up and put stuff out while everyone still remembers you, then you have no future in music and nobody has any attention span anymore. But I just don't find that to be true with our fans. They still remember who they are, they still want to hear what's next from us."] SOUNDCUE (:14 OC: . . . next from us.)

Following the European run, Evanescence returns to the U.S. for a headlining show in Minneapolis on May 14th, following by an appearance at the Sonic Temple festival in Ohio on the 16th.