Hailee Steinfeld Drops Video For �Afterlife� Song From �Dickinson�


Hailee Steinfeld has released the music video for her song “Afterlife,” which is featured in her upcoming Apple TV+ series Dickinson.

The 22-year-old Oscar-nominated entertainer drew inspiration from her character, Emily Dickinson, and the themes and ideas in many of her literary works, such as death and mortality. The music video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, who frequently collaborates with Ariana Grande.

Dickinson is a half-hour comedy series that will premiere when Apple TV+ launches later this year.

The video features Hailee in a corset that keeps getting squeezed around her, which the singer says was to show “how Emily in particular felt constricted and stifled.”

It also shows Hailee wearing a ruffled red dress in the countryside, in an attic surrounded by Victorian-style dancers and sporting a top hat and white men’s shirt.

Dickinson debuts on Apple TV+ on November 1st.