Hip Hop Beats: 50 Cent, Cardi B & 6ix9ine!


50 CENT SAYS HE HAS NO ISSUE WITH RICK ROSS: 50 Cent says there’s no beef with Rick Ross. During a recent radio interview, Fif said, “I don't have a problem with [Ross]. If I was chasing him I would have got him by now. You know that.... When they bring these people up I'm like 'Why?’” Ross recently took a jab at 50 will promoting his new album, Port of Miami 2. He said during an interview, “Honestly, I'm a businessman. If 50 Cent still had value, I may have been done it. But not being funny, homie just ain't that dude no more.” 

CARDI B SPEAKS ON PLASTIC SURGERY SHAMERS: Cardi B is speaking out against those who shame plastic surgery. In a clip that has since been removed from her Instagram, Cardi said, “Women talk about uplifting each other, but are we really uplifting each other?” She continued, “I don't like talking sh*t about a b*tch's body because I remember the struggle, baby. I remember when I didn't have no motherf**kin' t*tties and I remember when I had a fun-sized a**. I only come at people about they body when they talking sh*t about me, but let me tell you motherf**kers something.” Cardi added, “If you confident in yourself, you don't gotta be under the next b*tch's comments talking about her body . . . Y'all talking sh*t under these b*tches' bodies because y'all want it or what? 'Cause it sounds like you hatin’.” 

6IX9INE TO TESTIFY ON HIS ROLE WITH NINE TREY BLOODS: According to Complex, documents were released on Monday (September 9th) that revealed details on what 6ix9ine is likely to say when he testifies next week in his racketeering trial. The rapper is expected to testify in the trial of accused Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang members Anthony "Harv" Ellison and Aljermiah "Nuke" Mack. A letter from the U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman dated September 9 explains that 6ix9ine will talk about his role within the gang. The letter reads, “The Government expects CW-2 [6ix9ine] to testify that one of his roles in Nine Trey was to make money for the gang and distribute that money among Nine Trey members.” The letter also reveals that the government wants to share text messages that Ellison sent immediately before and after 6ix9ine was allegedly kidnapped. Ellison’s lawyer told Complex he will agree that 6ix9ine’s kidnapping was a publicity stunt.