Hip Hop Beats: DMX & 6ix9ine!

DMX HELPS STUDENT BUY SHOES FOR SCHOOL: DMX helped a student purchase a pair of shoes for back-to-school. According to WABI TV-5, the rapper saw a young girl, whose name is Grace Firley, and her mother at a Journeys store in Maine Mall. As the mother and daughter were standing at the register to purchase, X covered the cost of Grace’s sneakers. She told the news outlet, “I was actually having a really hard time picking out shoes, like, I could not figure out which ones I wanted, and then we went in that store and I found the shoes that I wanted, and we just happened to go pay for them and it happened. They're technically his shoes. That's what I'm going to say. I have DMX's shoes.” According to VIBE, X said that the gesture was inspired by his own children and because he is blessed, he wanted to bless the mother and daughter as well. 

6IX9INE’S CHILD SEX CASE AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACCUSATIONS EXCLUDED FROM TRIAL: According to Complex, a judge ruled on Wednesday (September 4th) that 6ix9ine’s conviction for use of a child in a sexual performance and domestic violence allegations made against the rapper will be not be mentioned during his testimony. The judge ruled that the defense will only be able to mention that 6ix9ine was convicted of a felony on a particular date, but details about the crime cannot be provided. Interviews 6ix9ine may have done in the past cannot be used either. His music, however, will be allowed in court.