Hip Hop Beats:Kanye West & More!


IS KANYE WEST MAKING A SURPRISE APPEARANCE AT THE VMAS?: Is Kanye West making a surprise appearance at the VMAs? According to Page Six, the rap and fashion icon's team arrived at Soho's Mercer hotel this week to "set up" for Kanye. A source said that Kanye will make a surprise appearance at the VMAs to further "promote his presidential run." In other news, according to TMZ, the Wisconsin Elections Commission booted Kanye from the state's ballot because he did not file signatures and paperwork before the state's August 5th deadline for independent candidates.

MEEK MILL CATCHES FAMILY MEMBERS RECORDING HIM DURING AN ARGUMENT: Meek Mill took to social media to reveal that he caught a family member recording him during an argument. He wrote, "Having a argument with family and saw they was recording me… who you letting hear it?" He continued, "Fame kinda ruined and changed a lil bit I must admit."