Hip Hop Beats: Lil Wayne, Cardi B, Kanye & More!


LIL WAYNE REVEALED AS THE ROBOT ON 'THE MASKED SINGER': Lil Wayne was revealed as The Robot last night (February 3rd) on the season 3 premiere of The Masked Singer. After he was identity was revealed, Wayne said that his kids are the reason he did the show. He said, “My kids, man, my kids. My kids watch the show with me and know they’re going to like the robot costume.”

MAN SPRAYS CARDI B WITH CHAMPAGNE, OFFSET THROWS PUNCHES IN THE AIR: Cardi B reportedly got splashed by champagne at Booby Trap in Miami, and Offset got so upset that he punched the air. According to TMZ, the two were partying at 3 am when the champagne started flying and Cardi got wet. Offset got really angry and started looking for the guy. Once he saw him, he started punching the air. The punches started landing and he was pulled off by security. The couple then left the club.

KANYE WEST SPEAKS ON THE EVILS OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: During his Sunday Service at VOUS Church in Miami, Kanye West discussed some of the evils of the music industry, revealing that there are some recording contracts that prohibit artists from saying the name "Jesus." He said, "God using us to show off, to show God is better than the Devil,. The Devil took all the producers, the musicians, the designers. He moved us all out to Hollywood, moved us all out to New York. Chasing gold statues. Literally signing a contract and selling our souls." He continued, "They got contracts out there that say, 'you can't say Jesus.' When we were working on this album, people were coming to the studio just to say 'Jesus' as loud as they wanted to. You can say Jesus in 'Ye studio."

DABABY SUED BY ALLEGED MIAMI VICTIM: According to TMZ, DaBaby is being sued by concert promoter Kenneth Carey, the man who claimed the rapper and  his crew beat him up after he allegedly shorted the rapper on money.  Carey claimed that he and DaBaby agreed that the rapper would host a party where another artist Stunna4Vegas, had been booked to performs at. Kenneth said that they agreed on flat rate of $20,000.  When the rapper arrived in town, he arranged hotels and cars for them via a rental company and he alleged that one of those vehicles was returned damaged.  On the day that Ken was supposed to pay the rapper, he claimed that DaBaby asked him for an additional $10,000 after he was billed for the damaged car. When Ken refused to pay the $10,000, that's when he alleged that the fight went down. DaBaby was later arrested and charged for battery in connection with the case.  Kenneth is suing for battery, breach of contract, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, etc. He's asking for more than $6 million in damages.

PASTOR TROY DENIES BEING HOMOPHOBIC: Pastor Troy has denied that he is homophobic after his comments about Lil Nas X's outfit at the Grammys. In a radio interview, the rapper said, “I’m not homophobic at all. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I done took more pictures with gays, transvestites, all that … it’s not my concern what you are or what you do. Just because I took a picture with this person doesn’t mean I gotta go home and tell my son, ‘Hey man, it’s alright to be gay. I just took this picture with this gay person, it’s cool now.’ It ain’t.”

FRENCH MONTANA SAYS HE DID NOT GET PUNCHED BY 50 CENT: French Montana has denied rumors that he got punched by 50 Cent this past weekend in Miami on Friday (January 31st) at Miami's E11Even nightclub. He said via Instagram,  “Tell people the real story. I went to the club you was hosting. You heard I was coming, you walked out the back, you was in the car. I wish he would touch me …” He continued, “First you want to spread out the news about me and Dream Chasers—I saw Meek yesterday, we laughed about it. Shout out to Meek,” he said. “Now you want to roll with this and call the bloggers about some dumb sh*t, after you just paid for your [Hollywood Walk of Fame] star. But look at my face though … And tell them how you was in the car and never came out of the car … who the f*ck you think you f*cking with dinosaur?”

RICO NASTY RESPONDS TO FANS ACCUSING SAWEETIE OF COPYING HER STYLE: Rapper Rico Nasty has responded to fans who say Saweetie is copying her style. Saweetie released a new video called "Sway With Me" and fans say that she was biting Rico's style.  Rico said, “I don’t think [Saweetie] had anything to do with anything. I wasn’t the first black to wear spikes and thankfully I wont be the last.”

PnB ROCK REPORTEDLY ARRESTED FOR DUI AFTER FLIPPING HIS BMW DURING STREET RACE: According to TMZ, PnB Rock was arrested after he crashed into three cars and totaled his BMW during a street race. The rapper was booked on suspicion of DUI and reckless driving in Burkbank, California on Thursday night (January 31st)