Hip Hop Beats: Lil Wayne, Cardi B & More!


TURK RECALLS CATCHING AN STD WITH LIL WAYNE AND GIVING IT TO THEIR GIRLFRIENDS: During an episode of Dirty Glove Bastard's On The Porch series, Hot Boy Turk revealed that he and Lil Wayne once caught crabs from a pair of sisters and ended up transmitted it to their girlfriends. He said, "Me and Wayne actually caught crabs and everything together bro. That was like my little bro, you feel me? We caught crabs from these two sisters from Houston. Literally! We were f*cking these two sisters and we just got on a tour bus and n*ggas was itching. They were like, ‘Man, f*ck wrong with y'all?' And I'm itching and he's like, ‘You n*ggas must got crabs!'" Turk said that they both infected their partners, his baby mama and Wayne's ex wife Toya Johnson.

CARDI B CRITICIZES TRUMP SUPPORTERS PARTYING TO ‘WAP': Cardi B criticized a group of Trump supporters for dancing to her hit "WAP" at a boat party. She posted footage of the group, along with the caption, "Wasn't republican conservative throwing a little fit bout this song ?😒........Anyways this makes my a** itchy. ....I'm callin the fbi on this festivity.They are not quarantining."

TRAVIS SCOTT CONFIRMS KID CUDI JOINT ALBUM: In a new interview with GQ, Travis Scott has confirmed that he has a joint album with Kid Cudi. He said that they have "already cut a bunch of records together." When asked what fans can expect, he said, "Man, a lot. Some fireness!" He also discussed his friend Kanye's political views, saying, "Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I just tell him how I feel. How people feel about this sh*t."

CITY GIRLS SAY THEY DON'T HAVE ANY BEEF WITH CARDI B: In a recent radio interview, City Girls shut down rumors that they have beef with them or their label Quality Control. JT said,
"It's not no problems going on with Cardi and our label. Who said that?" When the host said that Cardi didn't promote the City Girls album City On Lock when it dropped, JT defended Cardi, saying, "Cardi did promote our album. We wasn't talking about no artist, we wasn't talking about nobody specific. I was talking about the stan pages. They always in people's comments talking sh*t." She added, "It don't matter if it's Cardi fans or Nicki fans. I think they got the two biggest fan bases. They harass you. If you tweet something, they are in your comments talking sh*t about you. They create these narratives, but it never be a problem."

PNB ROCK SAYS 2020 HIP HIP MAKES HIM DEPRESSED: In his Instagram Story, PnB Rock says that the current state of hip hop makes him depressed. He said, "All these lil n*ggas albums and tapes be sad asf lol like all these lil mfs depressed smh. I can't listen to this sh*t makes me wanna go kill myself listenin to Dese sad ass Lil boys. And these the n*ggas y'all look up to smh." He continued, "Lol like even when I was down to my last… down N out…I was happier den dat lol I went out and got it never was sittin round feelin sad and depressed… That's for suckas new generation sh*t I guess." Rod Wave responded to PnB Rock's comments, saying, "Y'all n***** ain't connected to reality no more. That's why they can't make reality music. That why they be making all that dancing, gay a** hop around pop booty-shaking music..Keep me out that sh**, man."