Hip Hop Beats: NIpsey Hussle, Kevin Gates & Lil Kim!


NIPSEY HUSSLE’S ALLEGED SHOOTER WANTS RELATED ATTEMPTED MURDER CHARGES DISMISSED: According to The Jasmine Brand, Nipsey Hussle’s alleged shooter Eric Holder has been charged for one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and a felony in possession of a firearm. His legal team has filed a motion to dismissed the attempted murder counts. According to reports, Holder is asking the court to toss the attempter murder charge, which are based on the “KilL Zone” theory. To provide the theory, “one must show there was a key target, what type of weapon was used, how far the shooter and the victim were, as well as how far other victims were from the shooter.” Court documents say that California claims these factors have been checked in the case, so the “kill zone” theory should apply. Deputy District Attorney John McKinney has also suggested that Holder is stalling the case. D.A. McKinney said, “Every defendant in California has a right to a speedy trial, that’s a right to go to trial within 60 days of their arraignment. We are well past 60 days because he keeps waiving his right. Given the magnitude of the case, the complexities of the case, work his defense attorney needs to do, he knew it wasn’t in his best interest to try to go to trial right now.” Holder pleaded not guilty back in May. 

KEVIN GATES HAS REVEALED WHAT MOTIVATED HIM TO LOSE WEIGHT: While answering some questions from fans during a video for Men’s Health, Kevin Gates opened up about his weightless journey. The Baton Rouge rapper revealed what actually inspired him to get back in the gym and lose weight. The rapper explained, “One word—commitment. But what really did it for me, I had my shirt off and I was holding my partner’s baby and his baby tried to suck my breast.” He continued, “I just was like, ‘I am too f**king fat. I’m a fat slob, I need to lose weight.’ That was the most embarrassing sh*t. I mean, sh*t, even though I’m a big gorilla, I still got feelings too! Man, that sh*t hurt my f**king feelings. I said, ‘I gotta lose some weight!’” 

LIL KIM SPEAKS ON BEYONCÉ AND THE BEYHIVE: Lil Kim has opened up about her fans being called the Bee Hive and Beyoncé’s fans sharing the same name. During a recent radio interview, she said, “Yeah, at first. That was me. And then I had a group. Like that was my whole — Beehive, that was my whole thing. So my fans kind of adapted the name. Now you fast forward to years later, and we in the social world, and my fans on the Internet are the Beehive.” Kim added, “I feel Beyoncé rightfully so, has the right to call herself Queen Bee as well. I mean her name’s Beyoncé!”