Hip Hop Beats: Wale, Cardi B & More!


WALE ANNOUNCES NEW ALBUM: Wale has revealed that he is dropping a new album. He tweeted, “I never want to make anything that doesn’t feel infinite .. absolute .. this album is my most personal by far. The majority of my time making it I just knew it would be my last ..anyways give me another hour of hyperventilating and overthinking about things.” 

CARDI B IS WORKING ON HER NEW ALBUM: Cardi B is in the studio cooking up some new music. During a recent Instagram Live session, Cardi said, “I’ve been in album mode lately. I feel like I already got two songs that I definitely want to put on my album.” She continued, “After my tour, I want to have another kid. And I’m really planning to do all of that in less than a year.” Cardi also spoke of a forthcoming tour, saying, “I’m already working on a tour deal. I feel like I have proven myself enough that I sell enough tickets. Yeah, Cardi sell sh*t. You’re lucky I’m not a drug dealer. I take over n***as’ blocks ’cause Cardi be selling.” 

JA RULE IS PLANNING TO MAKE A VIDEO FOR EVERY SONG HE HAS MADE: Ja Rule took to social media and announced that he will be making a video for every song he has made. He said, “I will be rereleasing ALL of my albums as visual albums. I will be making a video for every song I’ve ever made… what songs do y’all wanna see videos for???” 

FETTY WAP HAS TIED THE KNOT: According to documents obtained by The Shade Room, Fetty Wap is officially married and off the market. Bossip reports that Fetty’s wife goes by “Rosedealer” on Instagram and is from Canada. Apparently, the couple got married on August 3rd in Toronto. She even said to a fan on social media, “We been married even before this tour started. Please just let it go and just be happy for us.”