Hollywood Quick Hits: Taraji P. Henson & The Chi


TARAJI P. HENSON SPEAKS HEAD OF ‘EMPIRE’’S FINAL SEASON: Empire returns for its final season on Tuesday (September 24th) and Taraji P. Henson, who plays Cookie, has shared her thoughts on her character. She told Entertainment Weekly, “Cookie has meant so much to me. She gave me a second life in this industry and made me a pop star in my 40s. Cookie was a movement. Long after I'm gone, people will be talking about Cookie.” She added about Empire, “This is the end of a great legacy. Everybody is putting their best foot forward to bring it down with a bang.” 

LALA ANTHONY, LUKE JAMES AND LIL REL HOWERY JOIN ‘THE CHI’: The Chi has had to make some adjustments following Jason Mitchell’s misconduct allegations earlier this year, which resulted in him being fired from the show. According to Deadline, LaLa Anthony, Luke James and Lil Rel Howery have landed recurring roles on the series. The site reports that James will play the role of Victor “Trig” Taylor, “Jake’s estranged older brother who wants to reunite his fractured family, but takes an unconventional approach.” Lala will play the role of of Dominique “Dom” Morris, “a savvy businesswoman with dreams of more lucrative opportunities,” while Lil Rel will step in as Zeke Remnick, “the owner of Sonny’s building who cares less about the community than the bottom line.” Writer Justin Hillian has been named the new showrunner for the third season, as the former showrunner, Ayanna Floyd Davis, left the show after releasing a statement about Lena Waithe — the show’s creator, knowing about Mitchell’s allegations.