Jay Z Says Sitting Down During National Anthem Was NOT A Protest


Jay Z has addressed why he and his wife Beyonce remained seated during the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV this past Sunday (February 2nd) -- and it had nothing to do with protesting. The music icon was at Columbia University yesterday (February 4th) and said that he and his family sat down because they were focusing on Demi Lovato's performance.

When asked if he sat down to "convey a signal," he said, “It actually wasn’t. Sorry.” He said that Beyonce told him what she thought Demi must have been going through in the seconds before starting the anthem, since, as Jay put it, Beyonce has “performed at the Super Bowl before, and I haven’t.”

He said that he and Bey then "immediately jumped into artist mode" and he was really focused on the show. Jay -- who produces all of the entertainment at the Super Bowls, said,  “I’m really just looking at the show. The mics start, was it too low to start?” He went on to make the point he was concerned about the audio, and every aspect really, of the show … and for very good reason.

He added that there was no need to have a "silent protest" because he was “making the biggest loudest protest of all” by selecting such a diverse group of artists to perform at the game, like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Demi Lovato  and Yolanda Adams

B. Scott also mentioned that the Carters usually stand during the National Anthem during sporting events.