JAY-Z To Sit For Deposition In $18 Million Lawsuit


JAY-Z has been ordered to sit down for a deposition regarding hi legal battle against a fragrance company. According to Billboard, JAY has been going back and forth with the court over the specifics of the deposition. How was originally supposed to sit down for questioning on August 27th. However, he canceled when he found out the deposition was going to be filmed. JAY noted that “depositions of other high-profile celebrities have been leaked” and did not want his brand to be affected. 

Filming JAY’s responded are crucial to the case, so Judge Andrew Borrok came up with a solution. He ruled that the deposition will take place on Friday (October 4th). He also said that each party will receive three watermarked copies of the tapes, but they will not be allowed to be uploaded on computers or iCloud. 

Borrok also instructed that the court destroy the original copies of the deposition once the watermarked tapes have been received. 

According to Complex, Parlux filed it’s original lawsuit against the rapper in 2016. Parlux claims that JAY was supposed to promote their Gold Jay Z men’s fragrance. However, they accused the mogul of breaching their contract. They are seeking a return of the advance payment and royalties, as well as $18 million in punitive damages.