Jeannie Mai Found Her Equal In Jeezy


Jeannie Mai is gushing about her relationship with Jeezy. During a recent episode of The Real, the co-host revealed that she has found her “equal” in the Atlanta rapper. She explained, “Getting to know him has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. He’s introspective, he’s passionate, he’s incredibly deep, he’s a visionary, he’s a great leader, he’s an amazing servant to his community.” 

She then said, “What’s crazy is that the things that I’ve been criticized for my whole life and in my past relationships—’Jeannie, you’re too deep, you think about things too much. Like why’s everything gotta have a purpose?' And I’m not one for small talk or small conversations. I wanna know, ‘Why do you think the way you do? What brought you to look at things the way you do? Who are you? Who’s important to you?’ And I found my equal.” 

The couple met on the set of The Real, and went on a date, which lasted eight hours. Jeannie continued, “Four hours later, we shut down the sushi restaurant, we had the most amazing deep talk about our greatest lessons in life, our greatest mistakes, it was super vulnerable.” 

She added, “We go dancing, we close out the club, he’s an amazing dancer, by the way. He looks at me, he goes, ‘Can I give you a homework assignment? … I want you to think about the last eight hours we spent together. And think about what do you envision us doing together? What do you picture me being in your life? If this matches my notes, I will pursue you. If not, we’re cool to be friends.’”