Kesha And Her Cat Star In 'Little Bit Of Love' Video


Kesha and her cat Mr. Peeps embark on a crazy adventure in the singer's new self-directed video for "Little Bit of Love."

The video finds Kesha drifting off to sleep and dreaming up an array of globe-trotting escapades with a life-sized Mr. Peeps – played by her boyfriend, Brad Ashenfelter, wearing a giant cat's head mask.

With the help of some greenscreen technology, Kesha and Peeps rob a bank, pop champagne on the Venice canals, rampage through New York City like Godzilla, roam the deserts on chickens and venture off into space.

Kesha, Brad and the real Mr. Peeps (who cameos in the video) filmed the clip at the singer's home using just an iPhone. They then sent the footage to co-director Jonah Best, who edited the video and added the special effects.

"Little Bit of Love" appears on Kesha's most recent album, High Road, which was released in January.