Metallica Mixes Old And New At Shows With San Francisco Symphony


Metallica played its two highly-anticipated shows with the San Francisco Symphony on Friday (September 6th) and Sunday (September 8th), recreating a musical collaboration that first took place 20 years ago and was filmed and recorded back then as the S&M album and concert film.

This time out, the S&M2 shows were performed as part of the grand opening of San Francisco's new Chase Center, the new home of the Golden State Warriors. Both shows drew 16,000 fans each to hear Metallica and the orchestra perform many of the same songs they did two decades ago, along with some newer cuts and rarities.

Both nights saw the four members of Metallica playing on a circular, revolving stage in the center of the arena floor, surrounded by 75 members of the Symphony. The three-hour concert was split into two parts and included a rendition of "Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)" from Metallica's debut album, Kill 'Em All. The piece was performed as a solo by Symphony bassist Scott Pingel in tribute to late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. The set list was identical both nights.

Other tracks given the symphonic treatment for the first time included "The Day That Never Comes" from 2008's Death Magnetic LP, an acoustic version of "All Within My Hands" from 2003's St. Anger, an orchestral version of "The Unforgiven III" and several cuts from the band's latest effort, Hardwired...To Self-Destruct.

A film of this past weekend's concerts, titled S&M2, will arrive in theaters worldwide on October 9th for a one-night showing.