One Of 6ix9ine's Alleged Kidnappers Releases A Statement

One of 6ix9ine’s alleged kidnappers, who is currently on trial, has released a statement. According to Complex, Anthony “Harv” Ellison — who has been accused of robbery and kidnapping the rapper in July 2018, has given his side of what actually happened via his representative Camille Cushman

Ellison’s rep claims that he was told by federal agents that he would be “home in weeks” if he confirmed their version of the events that took place instead of his own. Cushman also claims that the officers said Ellison’s arrest was “business, not personal.” 

In the statement, Ellison said that the kidnapping was staged by 6ix9ine. He said, “Danny didn’t care if the stunt could be taken as embarrassing, he thought it was believable. He said it would even make some people feel bad for him, which was good after all the trolling he had done. It worked, even Shotti bought it.” 

The statement also said, “The witnesses have been primarily NYPD or government cooperators, primed in advance to weave together a loose storyline that indicts Ellison in crimes that lack evidence.” 

Ellison’s rep said that the government is relying on jurors’ attitudes, opposed to actual facts. Cushman said, “These prosecutors are relying more on the jurors’ bias towards gang culture than they are on real evidence. They’ve been forcing puzzle pieces together that clearly don’t fit.” 

Complex reports that while the government has proved that Ellison was a “loyal and protective member of 6ix9ine’s team,” they have struggled to produce evidence that proves that Ellison’s charges are accurate.