Papa Roach Recruits Hip Hop Friends To Remake A Classic


Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix has recorded a new version of "Last Resort," and recruited some famous artists to join him.

In an interview with Rock Sound TV, he said: "I can't drop the names yet, but I'm just telling you, we've got some top-notch, sick people on this."

And although he wouldn't give up the names, he did say this: "There's three people in total. There's somebody from the hip-hop scene that's old school, and there's somebody from the current hip-hop that's going on right now."

The interview was about the 20th anniversary of the band's breakthrough album, Infest which peaked at #5 on Billboard and is certified Triple Platinum.

He talked about the impact the song has made and said: "I've met thousands of kids over the years that have told us, ‘Yo, that song saved my life. That song was there for me in my darkest hour.' If I could look back on my career just for that one moment, just that piece, it's, like, 'Wow!' To be able to make a song that impacts people in a positive way, that it has, it's, like, mission accomplished."

The latest album from Papa Roach, Who Do You Trust?, was released in January of 2019.