Papa Roach Working On 'Heavy, Aggressive' Music For Next Album


Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix told Zippo Encore in a new interview that the band has "seven or eight pieces of music" prepared for the group's next LP, which will follow up 2019's Who Can You Trust?

Regarding the musical direction of the new material, Shaddix said, "The stuff we're writing right now is f**king on fire, dude. Some of it's just heavy and nuts and just aggressive with these massive, big, pummeling riffs. And then there's other stuff that's that kind of experimental all-over-the-place-type stuff."

Asked where he is getting his inspiration for lyrics this time, Shaddix answered, "I've had some time for introspection, looking inside again. As I pull back the layers of myself as I grow older, I always find these little dark corners that I've gotta clear out . . . But then also there's a few songs we've written that just have this fun, hopeful vibe too."

Shaddix told us a while back that he thinks Papa Roach's music is at its best when it's the most candid: "I think when we stumble upon some of our greatest music, it's when it's just honest. That's when we're the most powerful, is when it's coming from an authentic feeling or true experience or 'this music is saving me right now.' And it's powerful. I feel it, you know. I read the comments, you know, from past records and we just see how much this music has been a lifeline to so many people."

Shaddix estimated that the band will get into the studio in July to begin recording, share a new song before the end of this year, and release the new set early in 2021.