Pete Wentz Reveals How OutKast Inspired New Fall Out Boy Song


Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz has opened up about how OutKast's "Hey Ya!" inspired the band's new single "Dear Future Self (Hands Up)." In a new interview Wentz said,  “The song that we’re always in search of, to me, is ‘Hey Ya.’ That’s the song. It’s like this perfect song because it’s weird and you’ve never heard something like that before, but at the same time it feels like, warm and fuzzy, because it feels like something you have known. That’s what we’re on the search for.”

He continued, “We talked to Wyclef about that, and this is the song he came up with. It’s got kind of a ska undertone to it, it’s a weird song. It works for Fall Out Boy and Wyclef together, which seems like it would never work on paper in a million years.”

The new track will appear on Fall Out Boy's upcoming Greatest Hits: Believers Never Die – Volume Two. It's due out on November 15th.  

Story Source: Alt Press