Pop Smoke's Murder Is Still A Mystery

Reports say that Pop Smoke's death is still a mystery and cops aren't making that much progess in finding suspects. According to TMZ, law enforcement sources say that detectives have hit a roadblock in the investigation because potential witnesses are refusing to talk. Sources say that among the potential witnesses cops have spoken with, stories have either changed or more than likely untrue. In addition, because nobody was outside or near Pop Smoke's home when the crime occured, they have no neutral witnesses.

Meanwhile, investigators have wasted time looking into videos posted online allegedly connected to the murder but they've all ended up unrelated to the case.

In addition, with the case being bi-coastal, Smoke was killed in Los Angeles, but live in New York City, cops have had to spend extra time and effort tracking down people. And although the murder appears to be a targeted hit, sources say that cops are still have trouble coming up with a motive.