Pregnant Katy Perry Reveals What Her Belly Button Looks Like Right Now


Katy Perry is getting closer to her due date and she's showing fans what her belly button looks like right now.

The 35-year-old pregnant singer took to her Instagram Stories to show off her swollen belly button, which she called "pregnancy realness." "You guys want to see something gross?" Katy said while zooming in on the belly button. She added, "Disgusting." She then said, "But do you guys want to see something gorgeous?" She then panned up to her face, which looked perfect with a fresh coat of makeup. "That's what you get. It's the payoff for looking at my belly button," she said.

The singer announced that she was expecting her first child with Orlando Bloom back in March, with the pair revealing that they're having a baby girl.

The couple have remained pretty private about the baby's due date, though Katy has previously joked that it'll be a close call as to whether her album, due out August 14th, or her baby arrives first.