Quickies: Backstreet Boys & Miley Cyrus


BACKSTREET BOYS AND STEVE AOKI DEBUT VIDEO FOR ‘LET IT BE ME’: The Backstreet Boys and Steve Aoki have released a poignant music video for their new collaboration, “Let It Be Me.” The clip begins with several people sharing their stories, including a man whose wife was diagnosed with cancer, a trans woman, a deaf man and a lesbian dealing with her family’s disapproval. As the video goes on, they reveal how they overcame their struggles and found love. In between, the Backstreet Boys and Steve Aoki flash across the screen to sing the song. “This is a special one for all of us,” the BSB team wrote in an Instagram caption. “It’s about working through any challenges that life brings to be with the person you love.” We’ve all overcome challenges when loving someone, but love always wins in the end,” Aoki tweeted to promote the clip.

MILEY CYRUS & ARIANA GRANDE CONFIRM ‘CHARLIE’S ANGELS’ SONG’S RELEASE DATE: The release of “Don’t Call Me Angel,” the new song from Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey is coming up. Miley and Ariana took to social media to confirm that the song, which will be featured on the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack, will drop at midnight on Friday. “The song’s really cute. It’s really cool,” Lana recently said. “When I first heard it, obviously I wasn’t on it. It was just Ariana’s parts. They wanted me to write something, so I wrote like a… I kind of cut her verse into a halftime bridge, and just saying some stuff over her courses as well, and then Miley jumped on. So, it’s just really very spicy. A spicy little track.” In addition to the song, Ariana is also co-executive producing the movie’s soundtrack. The film reboot – wr tten and directed by Elizabeth Banks – introduces a new spy trio, played by Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska. It hits theaters on November 15th.