Quickies: Camila Cabello, Miley Cyrus & The Chainsmokers


CAMILA CABELLO ANNOUNCES NEW SONG, ‘CRY FOR ME,’ COMING FRIDAY: Camila Cabello announced that her next song is called “Cry for Me” and it’s one of her favorites. “I think everyone has felt this at one point or another, when your ex moves on faster than you and of course you want them to be happy but just…not so fast,” she explains of the inspiration behind the song. She also reiterates that she’s planning to release a bunch of new music over the next couple of months leading up to her sophomore solo album, Romance. She’s already released two other tracks, “Shameless” and “Liar.” So far, there’s no release date yet for Romance.

MILEY CYRUS BACK IN THE STUDIO AND FEELING ‘INSPIRED’: Miley Cyrus said she is “inspired” as she returned to the recording studio following her split with Kaitlynn Carter. Miley is said to have broken up with Carter last month. The couple had started dating shortly after Cyrus announced her separation from husband Liam Hemsworth in August. Cyrus is now back in the studio recording new music and shared a picture on Twitter. Alongside a selfie, Cyrus wrote: “Back in the yo! I am so f***ing inspired right now.” She added two butterflies and ocean waves emojis. Alongside the same image on her Instagram stories, she added: “Thank YOU NEW MOON.” Cyrus and Hemsworth tied the knot in December 2018 after almost a decade of on-again-off-again dating. They met on the set of 2010 romantic film The Last Song. Hemsworth filed for divorce in August.

THE CHAINSMOKERS CELEBRATE LAUNCH FOR JAJA TEQUILA ANEJO: The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, joined JAJA Tequila as partners to celebrate the launch of Anejo on Tuesday at Paul’s Baby Grand in New York City. They were joined by some famous friends including tourmates 5 Seconds of Summer. Alex and Drew partnered with the brand after expressing interest in creating their own spirit. The group flew to Mexico with the company’s founders and after learning about the production process, became partners in the company, according to JustJared.