Quickies: Lewis Capaldi, Ryan Tedder & BTS


LEWIS CAPALDI SPENDS HIS MONEY ON FOOD: Lewis Capaldi swears he doesn’t earn as much as people think, and he spends most of the money he does have on food. He told the Daily Star newspaper’s “Wired” column: “There’s always room to earn more. I still live with my parents so I don’t think I am earning that much money!” He added, “And all I spend my money on is food because I can’t help stuffing my face. I am splurging on food and it shows, it’s showing on my gut, my gut is expanding every day.” Lewis admitted when he does get to enjoy some of his wealth, he has one purchase in mind – he said he would like to buy “a nice watch one day but that’s if I don’t spend all my money on food...” “What do people with money buy? Exotic animals? Mike Tyson had a tiger, Justin Bieber had that monkey, Michael Jackson had a monkey too but none of these guys had big fat snakes.”

RYAN TEDDER JOKES ABOUT ADELE, BEYONCÉ AND CHRIS MARTIN COLLAB: OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder sent the internet into a frenzy over the weekend when he teased a collaboration involving Adele, Beyoncé and Coldplay’s Chris Martin. But it was too good to be true. When asked at the Global Citizen’s Festival if the band had any secret collaborations on the new album, Ryan told a radio station, “We have one song featuring Beyoncé and Adele and Chris Martin with the piano solo in the bridge.” On Monday, he clarified his answer on his Instagram Stories, saying he was only joking. After showing screenshots that define his three favorite words – “absurdity,” “kidding” and “joke” – Tedder wrote out the journalist’s question and his response “utilizing ‘sarcasm,’ ‘kidding’ and a ‘joke’ simultaneously” in sequential slides. “Come onnnnnnnnn people!!” Tedder teased with the giggling puppy and clapping Snow White GIFs. He admitted, “All that said – wouldn’t that be a fire collab? I’d stream it.”

BTS LAUNCH #CNSCHALLENGE ON TIKTOK: BTS took to their newly-launched TikTok channel on Friday to start a dance challenge for member J-Hope’s new solo single, “Chicken Noodle Soup.” In the video, the rapper stands in a green field, performing energetic dance moves over the track’s catchy chorus. “Chicken noodle soup/ Chicken noodle soup/ Chicken noodle soup with a soda da side,” he and Becky G rap as the K-pop star flaps his arms like a chicken and kicks his legs. In just three days, the dance tutorial has amassed more than 2.1 million views, with over a million fans posting their own #CNSChallenge videos.