R&B Snippets: Aretha Franklin, Ray J & More!


ARETHA FRANKLIN'S NIECE RESIGNS AS EXECUTOR OF HER ESTATE: In a letter written to the Detroit Free Press, Aretha Franklin's niece Sabrina Owens revealed that she has resigned as the executor of her aunt's estate. Owens reportedly filed a petition with the Oakland County Probate Court giving her two weeks notice. She wrote, “My primary goal was to honor my aunt by handling her business professionally, fairly and within the law. In spite of my best efforts, my role with the estate has become more contentious with the heirs. Given my aunt’s deep love of family and desire for privacy, this is not what she would have wanted for us, nor is it what I want.” She claimed that after Franklin's death, her four sons asked her to be the head of the estate. After the discovery of three different wills, things began to go bad. The three wills had conflicting instructions and different people were requested to be her estate’s executor in each will, which complicated things.  Franklin’s youngest son, Kecalf, went to court and asked for Owens to be removed as the executor so he can take over. Even though he wants to take over, this decision has not been supported by Franklin’s three other sons. Franklin’s oldest son, Theodore White, then asked to be the co-executor over the estate. Meanwhile, Owens revealed that Franklin asked her to take care of her business and personal matters back in February 2018. No decision has been made about who will be the new executor after Owens. The family is due back in court to address this matter March 3rd.

RAY J AND PRINCESS LOVE ARE NOT TOGETHER: Princess Love took to Instagram to confirm that she and Ray J are not together and are only focusing on co-parenting. When a fan asked about the status of their marriage, she wrote, “Right now we are just focused on the kids." Back in November, Princess accused Ray J of leaving her and their daughter Melody stranded in Vegas. Ray J denied leaving his family, saying that he went to another hotel since after they had an argument. Ray J and  Princess welcomed their second child, a son named Epik, back in December.

K. MICHELLE IS NO LONGER USING HER SURROGATE TANNAE: In an interview with MadameNoire.com, K. Michelle revealed that she is no longer using Tannae, the young lady she originally chose as her surrogate. She told the site, "Oh hell no. I’m not using that clown. Let me ask you something. If you have nothing, right? Nothing. Somebody has paid for your children’s everything. Your children’s birthday parties since they’ve been on earth. I met this woman in Ikea. Someone that you call even for gas money. They help you — because I always end up helping somebody. Then they put you on TV and you go behind my back and sign a Love and Hip Hop contract. They use it as bargaining power against me, thinking, we have your story you have to sign up. Well, as long as ain’t no eggs in her, you ain’t never got my story! You’ll never back me into a corner." She continued, "But the fact that that was even tried for something so serious as a child’s life, you get what I’m saying? That’s really bad. So you do this behind my back after I help you, then you negotiate a contract of only $500. If you had went through me, you know how much money I could have got you? For you and those babies to appear on that show? I would have tried to get each baby at least three to $5,000 a pop. But you went behind my back. You did that and I let it go. I’m still praying on it."