R. Kelly Accused Of Hiding Money In Friend's Bank Account


R. Kelly had been accused of stashing money in a childhood friend’s bank account. According to The Blast, prosecutors believe Kelly is lying when he says that he is broke. They revealed in court documents per their investigation that Kelly has been diverting his music royalty payments to a third party. Prosecutors said, “the defendant’s contention that he has “almost no financial resources” is also misleading.”

They continue, “In fact, the defendant continues to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in connection with royalties he is owed for his music. The government’s investigation has revealed that earlier this year, the defendant re-directed those royalties to the bank account of a childhood friend. Regardless of where those funds are being held, however, they belong to the defendant and, at any time, the defendant can redirect those funds - and future royalty proceeds earned - to an account in his name.”