Rachel Platten Announces Children�s Book Based On Her Song �You Belong�


Rachel Platten has turned her song “You Belong” into a children’s book.

When Rachel was pregnant with her daughter Violet, she recorded and released a song called “You Belong,” in which she sang about her goals as a mom, and told her unborn baby that she’d love her unconditionally. Now, that sentiment has led to her first children’s book.

“My loves - i am so excited to tell you that i have a children’s book coming out!!” Rachel wrote on her socials. “I can’t put into words how special it is that ‘You Belong’, the song I wrote for my sweet baby Violet, has been turned into a children’s book for all to enjoy!”

“I’m beyond proud of her each and every day for just being her, she will never ever have to earn my love,” Rachel continued. “I hope parents and kiddos alike will feel this same message of inclusion and the warmth of unconditional love through these words: You belong you belong.”

Platten noted that the book’s illustrations, which were done by Marcin Piwowarski, match the “warm, sparkly” mood of the song.

“I love the image of a beautiful woman in a long nightgown catching a star with her baby,” Platten said. “The pictures make me think of love.”

You Belong will be out March 31, 2020.

Rachel’s daughter with husband Kevin Lazan, Violet Skye Lazan, was born January 26th.