Rock Quick Hits: Vinnie Paul, Trapt, & Tool


VINNIE PAUL CUTOUT IS SPOTTED IN RANGERS' STANDS: If you've been watching the Texas Rangers this season, there's a good chance you may have seen a cardboard cutout of Pantera and Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul sitting in the audience. Many major league baseball teams have been using cardboard cutouts to simulate a crowd during the pandemic. Loudwire reports that Paul and his brother Dimebag Darrell Abbot were longtime Dallas sports fans, making his a fitting tribute to the late drummer.

TOOL DRUMMER CONFIRMS THEY ARE WITHOUT A LABEL: Tool drummer Danny Carey told Skinny Puppy's cEvin Key that the band is hopeful to put out an EP during the pandemic and confirmed that the band is still without a label. He said, " We've never really done that since our first release — done an EP — so I thought it would be kind of nice to do something like that. We don't have a record deal anymore — we're free agents — so we can kind of release whatever we wanna release now, which is a good feeling." (The PRP)

TRAPT LASHES OUT AFTER PLAYING FOR 'DOZENS' OF FANS WHILE SMASH MOUTH PLAYED FOR THOUSANDS: Smash Mouth was a huge hit at the Sturgis biker rally while it appears that Trapt was not. Consequence of Sound reports that Trapt played to "dozens" of fans while Smash Mouth reportedly had an audience of thousands. Trapt lashed out against Consequence of Sound on Twitter, accusing them of referencing a photo from their first song, that showed the least amount of people in the audience. They wrote, "These metal/metal core music siters are formerly bullied adult kids trying to turn the tables."