Ryan Hurd, Maren Morris Experiencing Some 'Baby Luck'


Ryan Hurd was one of the writers of Lady Antebellum's latest chart-topping hit, "What If I Never Get Over You," which the group celebrated earlier this week with a party in Nashville. Ryan, a recording artist in his own right, is also married to Maren Morris, who is in the final stretch of her pregnancy with their first child.

Ryan told reporters during the party that he and Maren can't wait to meet their new baby boy. ["We are really excited. They talk about baby luck in this town and I think we just experienced the first little piece of that with this song going Number One right when this baby boy's heading our way. Maren's feeling great. Both of our families are in town because we just had her baby shower, and everything's awesome. We're really proud to like raise our family in Nashville and we're really proud to be doing this job, and it's gonna be fun to have a little kid tagging along to all this stuff for the next however many years."] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . however many years.)

Ryan recently kicked off his headlining Platonic Tour with special guests Niko Moon and Adam Doleac on select dates.

Maren is closing in on the top of the country charts with "The Bones."