See How Billie Eilish Walked on the Ceiling During Her �SNL� Performance


Billie Eilish pulled off a Spider-Man-like stunt as she performed her song “Bad Guy” on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live and fans were left wondering: How did they do that?

Pulling off something like what Billie did is a little tricky to do on live television. You can now learn all about it in a behind-the-scenes video in which Billie explains what went into creating the stunt.

The performance was inspired by the 1951 movie Royal Wedding, starring Fred Astaire, in which he famously dances on the walls and ceiling of a hotel room. Billie notes that once everyone agreed on the concept, the only way she could visualize it was to put a tissue box on her living room rug, and label the sides floor, ceiling, right wall and left wall.

In the video, there is actual footage of the tissue box and little Russian dolls standing in for her guitarist brother Finneas and drummer Andrew Marshall, as Billie uses her fingernails to mimic her legs as she dances to the song.

You’ll also see the SNL stagehands building the rotating stage they used to get the effect, which Billie says “took more rehearsal time than anything we’ve done.”

“I’m really really grateful that they were open to it and understood, and believed in us and believed in me,” she says.