Sofia Vergara Slammed for 'Insensitive' Dorian Post


Sofia Vergara is living her best jet-setting life and telling people stuck in Hurricane Dorian’s path all about it, and followers on social media are not here for it. 

Vergara preemptively escaped the storm’s path toward Florida via private jet, and shared a post deemed “insensitive” by many on Instagram. "Bye bye Dorian," Vergara wrote alongside the photo of her in a plane along with her relatives and friends. 

"I find it sad that you publish this, when thousands of people don’t have the opportunity to do the same. god bless all those people who are and will be in the trajectory of the hurricane," a commenter wrote in Spanish.

Another added, "How sad, ostentatious and mocking of those who are in the path of hurricanes."

Other comments included: "The benefits of wealth...," and "Of course you should take your family to safety but posting a picture of smiling faces aboard a private jet while millions await a monstrous storm that will likely take lives is arrogant and tone-deaf." Plus: "Must be nice to be so rich to fly private away from #dorian when there’s people there that can’t even afford to eat."