Sting Releasing 'My Songs Live' Collection Next Month


Sting has announced his latest concert album, titled My Songs: Live, which will be released on November 8th. The collection, culled from shows earlier this year, is a companion piece to last May's studio set, My Songs, in which he updated 15 of his solo and Police classics. Among the tunes featured on the new 11-track live set are such favorites as "Message In A Bottle," "Brand New Day," "Wrapped Around Your Finger," "Desert Rose," and "Every Breath You Take, among others.

Sting admitted to us a while back that an allure to life on the road is that it alleviates the pressure to write new material: ["I mean, I love touring -- I love being on tour. It also, um, y'know, prevents me from having to sit down and face a blank page again. There's not much thinking involved."] SOUNDCUE (:08 OC: . . . much thinking involved)

Sting told us that the element of surprise is key in keeping music interesting and ageless -- which is something he tried to inject into the musical reinventions of My Songs: ["I've never been afraid to challenge people's expectations; and for me, the most important element in any music is surprise. I need to surprise people within four bars, eight bars. . . When I listen to music, I need to be surprised otherwise I stop listening -- if I know what's coming next. I think of those songs no matter who I'm working with at the time. Y'know, I'm a songwriter, I always have been. But I'm always excited by other people's take on the basic bones of the song."] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC: . . . of the song)

Sting performs tonight (October 7th) in Fukuoka, Japan.

The tracklisting to Sting's My Songs: Live is:

"Introduction / Message In A Bottle"
"Englishman In New York"
"Brand New Day"
"Wrapped Around Your Finger"
"Seven Days"
"King Of Pain"
"So Lonely"
"Desert Rose"
"Every Breath You Take"