Styx Staying Busy On The Road Through October


Styx is keeping a pretty busy schedule for 2020, slowly booking dates all the way through October. The band, led by classic members Tommy Shaw and J.Y. Young, kick off its next string of dates on March 13th in Bensalem, Pennsylvania's Parx Casino, and has shows stretching through most of the year, when they wrap on October 10th in Arlington, Texas at The Levitt Pavilion Arlington.

Guitarist J.Y. Young told us that the good old days for Styx -- like so many bands who sailed to super stardom -- came hand in hand with an insurmountable amount of pressure and hard work: ["There was certainly burnout. I mean, once The Grand Illusion really took off and then Pieces Of Eight and 'Renegade' and 'Blue Collar Man' came out, it was like a tornado came in and swept us up and carried us along and ultimately sort of set us down hard at the end of 1983 when we all decided to go our separate ways. Y'know, while it was going on it really was just. . . y'know, the pressure was huge from a variety of different angles and some good things came out of that pressure and also a whole lot of controversy and conflict internally; but we did some great music back then."] SOUNDCUE (:32 OC: . . . music back then)