Taylor Swift�s �The Man� Referenced During Parliament�s International Women�s Day Debate


Taylor Swift’s latest single, “The Man,” was referenced during International Women’s Day Debate in the House of Commons in Parliament on March 5th in London.

During the debate, members of the Parliament “said women deserve better pay, need strengthened protections against harassment and should be championed in the workplace. Among the many impassioned speeches,” according to the BBC.

“So that, in the words of the brilliant Taylor Swift, in her new song, woman aren’t left running as fast as they can wondering if they’d get their quicker if they were a man,” Liz Truss, Minister for Women and Equalities, said during the debate.

This isn’t the first time Swift’s words have been used in Parliament. In 2015, South Wales Senator Sam Dastyari recited the singer’s “Blank Space” lyrics in the Australian Parliament. In another instance, Attorney-General John Elferink spoke the lyrics to “Shake It Off.”