The Game Responds To Claims That He's Trying To Profit Off Of Nipsey Hussle


The Game has been accused off trying to profit off of Nipsey Hussle after announcing his new label, Proflic Records, which was inspired by Hussle’s face tattoo. One fan tweeted and said, “The Game is a f**king Clown trynna profit off Nipsey.” Another wrote, “The Game been corny af and doing the most since Nipsey death. Selling t-shirts and starting a record label called Prolific Records isn’t shocking he’s a clown.” 

Game took to his Instagram Stories and insisted that he was not trying to profit off of the late rapper. He even said he received a “blessing” from Nipsey’s brother and administrator of his estate, Blacc Same. Game explained, “The use of he word ‘Prolific’ by myself is only my way of helping to carry on my bro’s legacy. Any merch that has been sold has my face on it, my albums is all pictures, logos etc are related to THE GAME. Out of the love for Nip, Blacc Sam, his immediate family etc I purposely did not include any pics of Nip nor his likeness & directed all traffic to The Marathon Clothing as I’ve done since bro’s passing.” 

He continued, “I’ve spoken closely to ‘Blacc Sam’ every step of the way & have had his blessing with things I’ve done to help honor bro’s name & continue his legacy. I’ve only done things I feel bro would’ve done to keep me going if I was no longer here in the physical. Before assuming, passing judgment, or running to the internet to be negative, DM me or hit me.” 

In other news, according to TMZ, The Game’s appeal for a new trial in a civil lawsuit where he was accused of sexual assault has been denied by a federal appeals court in Illinois. Game was sued by Priscilla Rainey, a former contestant on his VH1 reality show She’s Got Game, after she accused him of sexual assault. He was ordered by Illinois court to pay her $7.13 million. Rainey claimed that the rapper was “high on drugs” and “forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.” The Game went on to insult Rainey called her a “a thirsty Gatorade mascot of a transvestite." 

Game appealed the initial ruling, but appeals court affirmed the lower court’s ruling on Thursday (October 17th), slamming him for blowing off the trial and being a no-show.