Tobias Forge Says >Nameless Ghouls Will Not Play On Next Ghost Album


A new album from Ghost is in the future, but Tobias Forge says the Nameless Ghouls will not be on it. In an interview posted on, the vocalist said, “If I'm not going to ask everyone to do their part, then what's the point? I don't want to segregate people. I don't want to favor people. If I'm not asking everyone, then I don't want to ask anyone.”

He explained that basically the band members have their own solo careers and are doing other things and he “wants to give them time away from Ghost.” He also said that he has musicians he wants to record with, including a favorite drummer that’s never toured with the band.

Forge recorded some this summer and because of a busy touring schedule has so far, only demoed one song in full. But he has a method for recording and explained, “That song was based out of three ideas that I had. That's usually what it takes for me to go into a studio and start hammering it out. I have maybe 50 to 60 ideas lying around, which means, that if I just invest two or three days on piling together three ideas a time. It's almost mathematical.”

Forge said this about working on the album when he’s off the road: “It's actually back to quite normal working hours, Monday through Friday, 9 o'clock to 5 o'clock.” He’ll use a studio close to home, because he wants to spend time with his wife and two kids.