Weezer Plans To Release Second Album In 2020 After Van Weezer


Weezer has not one but two new studio albums in the works, according to an interview with frontman Rivers Cuomo at Billboard's website. The band announced earlier this week that a new LP called Van Weezer is coming out next May 15th, and when asked to describe it, Cuomo revealed that it's the first of two projects for the group.

After describing Van Weezer as a "healthy mix of the 'Blue Album' and guitar shreddage, ’80s metal riffs," Cuomo added, "We feel comfortable really going for it because, at the same time, we’re making another album called Okay Human, which so far has no guitars. It’s all piano-based and orchestrated -- the strings were recorded at Abbey Road. It’s very introverted and quirky."

Weezer released the "Black" and "Teal" albums earlier this year and expects to issue both Van Weezer and Okay Human in 2020. Drummer Patrick Wilson told us a while back that the band wanted to take less time between projects: ["The old way used to be, take forever to make a record, tour on it forever, and then be burnt out and not do anything for two years. So that was one of the things we talked about, we were like, can we -- let's try and get on like a more doable schedule, you know, rather than work crazy forever and then be burnt out. I think it makes more sense just to pace ourselves and have a more steady output."] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . more steady output.)

Weezer will be promoting Van Weezer on the Hella Mega tour next summer with Green Day and Fall Out Boy. The band debuted its new single, "The End Of The Game," on Tuesday night's (September 10th) edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live!