Woman Offended When Man Asked Her Out On A 'Soda Date'

Is it ever ok to go out on a  "soda date" or "pre- date"? This past weekend, a woman took to social media to vent about being asked out on a soda date." The woman, who goes by the name of @Eartha Klitt on Twitter, tweeted,  "I needed time to heal before I shared this but y'all. this man asked me for coffee. I said I don't drink coffee. he said me either but I was thinking we could grab so sodas."
She continued, 'y'all wanna hear his reasoning? women are known to use men for drinks and meals so this is a cheaper option. Verbatim."
Of course, people started weighing in and #sodadate started trending. One person wrote, "TL arguing about soda dates... somebody please raise minimum wage to $15." Another wrote, "In all seriousness, it's ROUGH out here. If you've got your person - STICK WITH THEM (if it's healthy or whatever). If the issue can be worked out, check your ego and work it out. You DO NOT want to be out here in a world of soda dates and ghosting. I can promise you that."
Soda Date is similar to the "pre-date," which is a dating term that was coined back in 2018. According to XONecole, a pre-date is when a man asked you out on a free or cheap date, like a night at his apartment to "'temperature check' and feel you out with the goal of gauging whether or not you are quote-unquote 'worthy of a real first date where real coins are spent'" aka, see if he can have sex with you without spending money on a real date or making a real emotional or spiritual connection.