Saanich Police arrest man after two attempted carjackings

saanich police

A man tried and failed twice at carjacking Sunday night in Saanich.

It happened around 8:30pm in the Douglas and Tolmie area. In the first case, a man finished pumping gas at the Esso station and returned to his seat when a stranger opened the door and tried to force his way in. Some witnesses came to help and the man fled on a bicycle.

But then next door at the Tim Horton's someone believed to be the same man tried to force his way into a car where a father and daughter were seated. In that case, the father lost control of the car as he tried to fight-off his attacked and sruck several other vehicles and objects, including a garden bed, tree, and retaining wall. Again, witnesses came to help. This time they were able to restrain the would-be carjacker.

A 29 year old man was arrested and faces two robbery related charges. The father and daughtered didn’t suffer any major injuries.