Katy Perry is Pregnant! Britney Spears QUITTING Music? Ariana Grande to be on Lady Gaga's New Album?

Katy Perry is pregnant! She released a new song and video called ‘Never Worn White’ and shows off her pregnant belly. (0:12)

This is going to be the second child for Orlando Bloom who already has a 9 year old with his ex Miranda Kerr. The brand new child is going to enter the world at roughly the same time Katy’s album is coming out.

Tomorrow we are getting a brand new song from Demi Lovato called “I Love Me” Demi shared a photo from the set of the music video. (0:50)

Speaking of new music - there are rumours going around that we could be getting a collaboration from Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. Fans have been piecing together tiny hints all around social media. (1:21)

Camila Cabello celebrated her 23rd birthday this week. She is currently in the UK shooting the live action Cinderella movie - and her boyfriend Shawn Mendes flew all the way there so they could party and be together for her big day. (2:07)

Britney Spears’ 13 year old son Jayden went on Instagram Live and did not hold back when it came to answering questions about his mom and family, including that Britney has brought up not continuing with music at all. (2:36)

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