Cardi B SLAMS Testing Procedures! Dua Lipa to Release Album EARLY. Harry Styles PRAISED by Legend

FOX and iHeartRadio announced that there is going to be a relief concert that will be hosted by Elton John and there are going to be a bunch of performers like Billie Eilish, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Tim McGraw and more. The online show is now going to be taking it’s place on Sunday March 29, at 9PM EST. Stream to listen to the concert in Canada

Cardi B went on a rant about celebrities who are being tested for the coronavirus without any symptoms, saying those celebrities are causing confusion to the general public. She pointed out  not everyone has the luxury of being tested and going home to isolate in a giant house. A lot of people have to get tested and go back home to a small apartment they share with others. She ended her video by saying the government should foot the bill for people to get tested and treated. 

The pandemic continues to impact the music industry in a variety of ways. Camila Cabello is the latest to announce that her tour which is supposed to kick off in Vancouver coming up at the end of July but it has now been postponed. (1:55)

Stevie Nicks said in a post on her Twitter that she is getting a lot of paintings and drawings done, as well as has been listening to Harry Style’s new album ‘Fine Line’ which has inspired her to write some new songs and poetry. (2:32)

Lady Gaga said because of everything going on in the world she doesn’t feel right putting out her new album Chromatica. (2:58)

Dua Lipa's new album Future Nostalgia was set to be released next Friday, but it has been pushed up since it was leaked online. She said she hopes the new album makes her fans smile and dance and makes them proud. She dropped her new single last night called Break My Heart which is a banger! (3:28)